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With good reputation in terms of banking system, legal system, transportation network, Hong Kong is no doubt be one of the leading financial centers in the world. As a cross road between the East and the West, different scopes and sizes of commercial and industry can be found anywhere in Hong Kong.

Our staff with CPA qualification and group of professional accountants, tax consultants. We have experienced international staff who can speak Japanese, Putonghua, English and Cantonese . We offer a wide range of professional services to assist investors in various aspect of investment in Hong Kong, as well as Great China Region.

We, Metopro Associates Limited, provide the services of quality for our overseas clients in term of fast resposnse, closely monitor of works, providing the professional knowledge in Accounting, Management, Tax Planning, wherever and whenever they are.  We have well experience in dealing the business with multi-national companies, we know and care what they need.

Indeed, we are the cororate member of Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, we have well connection and business networking for our clients.

We are proud to be the local partner of doing the business section of the World Bank Group.


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We know and care what our overseas clients needs.................
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